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Future of Learning – How Learning Models are Transforming

Future of Learning

Most people agree that the core driving force of development in any country or culture is Education. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea. But this subject is far more nuanced and in the twenty-first century, where technology is transforming the face of almost every industry, it is not surprising that it is playing a crucial role in changing the ways we are going to learn in the future.

So, how different is the future of learning going to be?

Once you graduate from a university program and start a job, it is frankly impossible to keep going back for re-skilling. In the fast-paced world of today, one constantly needs to re-skill themselves, no matter in what field they are working. It’s a continuous process that one needs to perform throughout their career. You need to constantly re-skill yourself to remain relevant in your professional life.

The questions we all now face is: How can we learn in such a situation? How can you learn while you work? How to make it as effective as possible? How can you learn anytime and anywhere? And how can you replicate the learnings from the classrooms to the online world?

The answer to all these questions define the future learning models. In this world, we need to look at learning from a different perspective. In the new ‘effective’ learning models that we are envisioning, there are some key characteristics. They are,

  1. Learning cannot be one way. It has to be Bidirectional in nature.
  2. Learning cannot be in isolation. It has to be a Social
  3. Learning cannot be expensive. It has to be Affordable.
  4. Learning cannot be based on the traditional assessments. It has to be based on Projects & Simulations.

The last characteristic is especially interesting, as the efficacy of traditional Assessments processes has always been in doubts. Assessments based on Multiple Choice Questionnaires are not a reliable review of required skills. They can only be reviewed or assessed using the ‘Learn by Doing’ approach. Assessments such as Projects and Simulations help you realize if the learning process has been effective in re-skilling you.

Technology is playing an amazing role and there are multiple technology platforms that will allow you to achieve all these things! The more one skills themselves, the more one goes after goal-oriented and result-oriented learning, the more one gets ahead in terms of the learning curve.

Certification courses are another great choice that one should definitely consider. By taking these short-term courses and getting certified, you not only develop a terrific CV but also exhibit a willingness to learn, evolve and stay on top of your industry. This is a strong indicator of your commitment to your work as well.

Today, we have multiple ways and multiple platforms to learn and skill ourselves, all we need is the willingness to explore.

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