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Future of Publishing

Today, publishing industries are facing lots of challenges. According to Vikas Gupta, MD, Wiley India, some people expect that publishing industries need to grow develop and sustain in its traditional form which is not possible. Now, the question arises that what direction should these publishing industries take? Whether the publishing industries can survive in its traditional form or not, is a big question in people’s mind. To answer these questions, we need to understand the present models of publishing business and its state. The publishing model is consists of few major elements. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, the author
    writes the book
  • Secondly, the Publisher
    helps the Author, in various ways such as designing, editing, marketing,
    printing and distribution of the books

This process of publishing is going
on from last hundred of years. However, the rapid technological advancement has
made E-Publishing very popular. Now a days the internet plays a major role in
which most of the things are delivered online. For this reason, the scenario of
traditional publishing industries has been changed and became disruptive
business model.

With the introduction and technological
advancement of E-publishing, there is a sudden change or dramatic shift
observed in the Publishing industries. Most authors do not depend upon the
Publishers to publish their articles or books, market or distribute their books
or articles. They take the help of freelancers through online portals and avail
various online portals like Flipkart and Amazon to sort or list and sell their
published articles or books. Simultaneously, these portals make the books
available in the global market. But still there are a few questions which arise
in the people’s mind. What is the role of the established Publisher? What
special elements do the Publishers provide?

The most important role of Publisher
is that of a “Peer-Review Person”. Publishers help to make us understand

  • “How to write as an
  • “How to present your
  • “How to market?”
  • “How to sell your
    finished product?”
  • “What will sell?” and
  • “What will not sell in
    today’s world?”

To answers these complex questions,
a publisher needs years of experience in
publishing, creating and promoting hundreds of
thousands of books. The authors too need to realize that the role of
publishers is very important in creating and publishing their contents.

Another big
challenge faced by the Publishing Industries is the problem related to
copyright. The copyright issue means illegally downloading your articles or
books, using it without paying you the payment. In recent times, a high court
case has allowed photocopying or scanned copies of books for study purpose
without paying the authors is creating a paradigm that will continuously
challenge the respective authors as well as the Publishers.

There are three active parts of the
Publishing Industry, in order to make it sustainable, are- the Authors,
Publishers as well as the readers. This is like a sustainable form of
ecosystem. And this will continue to grow, flourish with the work quality as
well as the quality and uniqueness of the content.

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