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Reskilling Today For Tomorrow

The big question, that should worry most of the working individuals of today, is:
In a world that’s hard-pressed to mark you as inessential, how do you stay relevant in your industry?
Learning is an evolving process. We used to learn from books, professors, mentors, travel and many other things. We worked towards our passion, acquiring expertise that took years to develop. And once we achieved the mastery, we used them to our advantage. We even gave back to the world by passing on our skills to the younger generation.
This process has now morphed. We live in a time, where there are no masters. Things move at such rapid pace that what skills we have today, become useless tomorrow!

Let’s talk about Arpita. She is a proactive Sales Rep who is an expert in Cold Calls and traditional sales engagement methodology but finds herself in a difficult position when her company moves towards a new sales engagement approach a few months later.
Most skills today, plateau 18 months down the line. The shelf life of a skill is shrinking.
Logic dictates that one thing that we can do, is to acquire more skills. For that, we need to change our entire outlook towards the process of re-skilling.

We are no longer living in the world where we can wait to reskill our selves in a university. No! The reskilling process has to run parallel to our work. We have to look into the future, identify what are going to be the effective skills 18 months ahead and start working on them from today!
There are many alternate learning & reskilling platforms. While MOOCs are readily available online, reskilling which allows a hands-on approach to the job such as projects, labs, case-based approach, hackathons are better ways to continue reskilling while working.
Reskilling is a crucial element for both the employee and the employer.

It’s great for individuals to continuously re-skill themselves but it’s equally important for the employer and the organizations to reskill their workforce to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

And that’s the bulls-eye we should aim to hit.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Be it Automation or competition, by continuously reskilling yourselves you will continue to solve problems that others can’t. And by doing that you will continue to add a premium to your skills!

Proficiency today is a rare commodity, so acquire a new skill and get good at it.

What are your thoughts on Reskilling and their importance? Or how can we effectively go about them? Do share your suggestions! After all, we are all learning, we are all re-skilling!

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